Here is to the easiest way to get unstuck, break through your blocks, and find relief from what feels heavy and out of control.

For no matter where you are on your path, the alignment and guidance you seek is always available for you — delivering you into your highest timeline possible and awakening the memory of your purpose here on Earth. Nothing, no more, can take the power you wish to claim, we are living in a new age. My wish: to show you what I see, for when we see our illusions, we have power over them. My purpose: a healing space to feel safe moving through what it is that is calling your name. Welcome! 💜 Maria.


Healing Meditations

When you grab headphones, a blanket and completely surrender to opening your sight. Nothing to do but receive and relax, so I may show you what I see, and you, find the answers you seek.

Healing Sessions

When I say pen + paper and oracle cards. I show you something, and you write. So you may connect your dots and expand your intuitive sight — aligning with your higher self, transmuting it all away! 🔥🔥🔥

Healing Classes

A space where breathwork, movement, mudras, mantras and sound will lead the way for the mind and body to reset.

Healing journeys

When we meet once a week with a Spiritual Laundry Workbook and move through a 4 or 12 months, for a deep transformational healing journey ~ Visit the SL Art Shop!

🌸 One membership per household, letsgo: