Automatic Writing

May 24, 2022 2 min read

Are you looking for guidance, inspiration, creativity, and abundance? 

We are always manifesting. The energy we put into the universe returns to us at the same frequency. We attract what we believe, but not everything we believe is true! To find a balance between these two, we need clarity. To find clarity, we need to refresh and reset our three minds. Once clear, your soul is free to lead the way. Listen to what she has to say, and focus on this relationship!

A different way to see all the intricate parts of who we are. Writing will heal you. Plain and simple. Your heart does all the talking, your arms are the extension of your heart, and your hands are the eyes of your soul. These 3 elements open the door to your subconscious storage; the cause for the roadblocks, "no-know-pain" and delays for your goals. This is not a journaling or writing class. This is not juju. We dismiss this simple tool for its simplicity and fear of its potential power.

This is writing as you had never done before. You don't have to "like" or "hate" writing; it has nothing to do with you! So, join me for an hour to clear the mind and your ten bodies, to find truth and clarity, and ground this energy to keep you moving and grooving. This class involves breathwork, meditation, automatic writing + sound—low impact on the body. Bring a friend or two that you think will benefit from this group energy! Also if you have anyone at home that would like to join, invite them.

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 Who knows! Did you ask your heart?
Blessings, m