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Check this video and all the info below; let me set you up for success! All of my love and blessings, M.



✨Everything you need and all of our classes will be here, available 24/7!
 Make sure you are always LOGGED IN!
Your account is where you will find ALL your bookings and membership information, as well as your Zoom links!
✨ Bookings: All the upcoming Livestream classes you are signed up for or have taken. 
✨ Purchases: You Membership plan. ($44, $77, Unlimited...)
✨ Account: Your information.
✨ You can easily add your SL Portal as a shortcut on your phone. To do that, click the bookmark button at the bottom of your browser on mobile, and choose “Add to Home Screen.” Or click here and watch this video!


✨ $44 a month: $11 a class. You get to pick 4 classes a month, any class! Choose your medicine. These are upcoming Livestream (future classes), not recordings (past classes). Upgrade any time, yes.

✨ $77 a month: ALCHEMY Healing Session first week of every month, plus you get to pick 4 classes a month. Choose your medicine. So you get 4 classes and a Healing Session. These are upcoming Livestream and future classes, not recordings.

✨ $111, $222, $303 a month: Unlimited Membership. You have access to the entire portal! ALL Livestream (future classes) and ALL Recordings (past classes). 


💌 LIVESTREAM CLASSES (future classes)
✨ All classes are LIVESTREAM and are RECORDED.
"Hello (The Month) September tab" is where you will sign up for any upcoming class.
✨ You will receive your Zoom link via email. 📡
✨ All Sessions will be held via Zoom, except Distance Energy Healing Sessions and Reiki Mornings. Read more here on why ;)
✨ Make sure you have the Zoom application on your computer or phone. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Zoom on your Phone. Zoom on your Computer
✨ If you can't make it to class on time and want to see the recording, make sure you still sign up for the class you want; that way, you can access the recording. 


💌 DISCOVER (past classes)
"Discover tab," you will find all of our class recordings!
✨ All classes are organized by categories.
✨ To see a recording, you must have signed up for class.
✨ If you have an Unlimited Membership, you can access all recordings, and the entire library, whether you registered in the past or not.


"Alchemy tab" holds all of our Alchemy sessions.
✨ These sessions happen the first week of every month, we quick of the month and set ourselves up for success!
✨ These are like a private healing session w/ me but in a group setting! You work on your own stuff, but the energy of the group expands you.

✨ If you are a Private Member, schedule your monthly 1:1 session with me HERE


✨ I want to invite you to join our community! This is a group with the most high-vibe people. Come here to share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with other members and me. It doesn't have to be long or profound; you can keep your posts short and sweet or go deep; this is the space you have been asking for in all our retreats! So enjoy!

I know sharing is not for everyone, but this community is here to support your spiritual journey. Permit yourself to receive!

Please read and follow the group guidelines to ensure the group is a safe and great experience for everyone.

P.S. Because this is a private chatroom for members, you will have to create a new login and password.
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If you have any questions about your Spiritual Laundry Membership, please know I am here for you; email me at info@spirituallaundry.com or HERE.

Get ready to take your spiritual connection to a whole new different level and see your life change into an effortless flow! I am so honored you are here with me, and I welcome you to this beautiful journey.