for this 5 day ritual, you will need:

"mindbody" deck

Have your cards at hand. You can purchase them HERE. A good pen and scissors.

Purple Card

Your Attunement purple card from your "Mindbody" deck.

3 orange candles 🧡

3 brand new orange candles. Any size, style, scent (don't over think it). These are $16 on Amazon.

a crystal quartz

A favorite one.

Attunement included and FREE for all "Private Laundry Members"
(Email me here if you are unsure where to access as part of your membership).


An attunement is receiving energy from a certain channel/frequency and attuning, merging, and aligning with it. It is a way to open up your cellular structures to receive this higher frequency in a graceful way. An opportunity to use this energy and walk your path held by a higher frequency.

1. With this attunement, you will receive a Guide (soul workbook) to do some writing before you receive your attunement.

2. Then you will listen to a 40-min Session (a recording) to receive the attunement.

3. Then you do a bit more of writing.

This is a 5-day ritual.

No. It is not my energy that you are attuning to that is being transferred or offered. It is the energy of the cards; the Frequency of Chroma. This is the frequency I work with. This is the energy that you will be attuned to; meaning vibrating, becoming, having it now in your DNA and your body.

This particular attunement was offered to me. I went through it myself. I was then attuned to offer it you. It comes from the guides I work with; the Frequency of Chroma. It came to me as an opportunity for us to craft a special/unique language between your mind, body, and Higher Self, Source, God (whom ever you work with) to awaken our technology.

By placing your mind and body in a receptive state (alpha) you may open up to welcome a new frequency. Traveling into your bodies (emotional, mental, and physical), this energy will find the same energy that lives within you but might be dormant. By resonance it remembers, allowing this frequency in you to awaken. This is done in your DNA, which holds the blueprint of your energy make. That is a resonance tuning. It is a particular frequency finding identical ones and bringing them forward.

Attunements are very potent energetic shifts. It is what Reiki Masters receive from their teachers. Because we are working with your mind and body (your intuition), your body may move information, healing, more accurately, more precisely. And your mind may understand information from a higher order, a divine command. It's time. This energy/awarness had to come to Earth now.

Yes. It is a very ancient practice.

It does not get more real than this. This is a serious energetic shift. A leveling up not from your consciousness (what we may understand) but from your soul's perspective (what you may experience and feel inside). If you receive it, make sure to follow the post-attunement instructions.

Whenever you are ready.

Think of these cards as living beings. These Cards will become more than just an Oracle Deck. Truth is, you are about to become part of a higher frequency. A frequency I work with/channel. This is a divine invitation.

Purchase your "Mindbody" Oracle Deck, CLICK HERE, before May 18th to receive this attunement for FREE! It will be available May 18th. After May 18th, purchase any time to receive $222.

***This attunement is only accessible through the purchase of the "Mindbody" Oracle deck; it cannot be received otherwise.