I am so excited you are here!


Best feeling ever.

ASK A QUESTION! PULL A CARD AND give me 3 minutes. I want to show you a few things before you use these beauties.

Two things:
1). Everything you need to know is in this page!
2). Click play on the video below and learn how to use your oracle cards.

You shall start to see these Cards as more than just an Oracle Deck, truth is, you are acquiring a new spirit guide and are about to be part of a frequency I work with/channel.

Let's go! We didn't go through cray in the last few years for nothing. Let me share everything I am with you, so you may attune your cards, and for that, everything you are starting today.



About your cards

The Spiritual Laundry Mindbody Oracle Deck is based on the human body. Each card is an opportunity to speak to your mind and offer your energy movement. Dear one, indulge in the beauty, that from now on, you will walk your path with your body in mind. From my guides, my journey, and the bottom of my heart, blessings, Maria.

Your Mindbody deck, has 2 decks. The first 85 Cards are based on your Physical Body. The last 5 color cards are for you to expand on your conversation with your body. It is light work for your mind, body and heart, and a way to dive deeper into your work (your laundry).

Nop! You do you boo-boo. Pull a color card, when you are called. Someone times you might not need to, you might just get your answers with your first MINDBODY card pull.

No. Absolutely not, it is your choice weather you want too or not. It is just an opportunity for you to activate healing energy within, and connect to a higher frequency. The magic of the cards will not change, for I have attuned them myself to this frequency. What may change is your relationship, and their service to you. Learn More HERE!

about your online portal

The SL Mindbody Oracle Deckalso features an online portal. Here we do light work, healing work, meditations, we complement and take our oracle intuitive work to a higher level.

Yes you do. You must be a Monthly or Private Laundry Member! Join us here!

Whenever you're ready, any day of the month! No, you do not need to wait until the 1st of the next month to sign up. Start when you are called.

Lets go, read this epic FAQ or send me a msn bellow! Either way don't keep them inside, let them move through you and open you up!


Let's connect:

How can I help? Ask me anything, clarity is power. Blessings, M