What is a healing practice?


We practice so we can develop consistency with the ins-and-outs of life. So we can remain neutral to our lessons, the things happening around us. With practice, we can see more clearly who we are, how we've been raised, and what our programming is. As we start to awaken and develop clarity for who we are, we begin to live a more empowered, peaceful life. 

We heal so we can be at peace. We strive for peace to allow our creative talents to show up and do what they came to do. To elevate the world, to help others with that set of skills you brought here to Earth that only you have, that only you know how to put to use. 

We develop a healing practice to find stillness between life and our path. We commit to gaining strength. We meet at our practice to remember who we are. We fall in love with our practice because we are ultimately falling in love with ourselves. We welcome our practice as part of our daily self. As what we choose to be and show up as. We heal during our practice, and our practice becomes our healing path.

Spiritual Laundry is a combination of my path as a healer, teacher, and artist. I feel blessed to be able to share these simple but so powerful tools that showed me so much truth that guided me to ease in life. That helped me shed layers and layers of heavy noise and emptiness within. 

The art of this membership is that each class dives deep into the previous one. These will be chapters of your very own spiritual work. Drip in, open up, and start to witness your very own spiritual road map. Cleaning and clearing your path. Join me in this powerful healing practice; if you have any questions, send me a message, I am here for you. 


Love to you, Maria