The Spiritual Laundry Membership is an Online Healing Studio open 24/7 and available for you to tap into from anywhere in the world! A reservoir of multidimensional journeys for your evolution + growth. Powerful blends of ancient wellness practices, and techniques to manifest, awaken and shift. My goal; to make your spiritual practice; practical. Keep the relationship with yourself consistent, strong, and for that, your relationship with Source. Join us! Maria.

Every class is here to bring you back to center; alignment. Meaning you recognize you are more than just a mind with a body, but a soul living in a human glove. In each class and healing session, you will work with your 4 BODIES so you can deliver yourself into a higher vibration ~ aka: reset-- refresh!

The only key you will ever need  this precious jewel is what you seek. So if you are here, you have found it, don't ignore it; open it up, clear it, and clean it. So she can know she is never alone, she has nothing to fear, and she is loved. Through all of our practices, Soul Work, and the guidance of Astrology Healing, we will mend this space.

You are a Soul in a Human Body, and your Soul is yearning to remember. Find wholeness by learning how to communicate with our Soul. Invite her to move you through all you touch, say, and do. So all of you can be done with awareness, through your highest path, and from your higher Self.

Your body is the vehicle you choose to conquer here on Earth. It is the vessel that manifests your desires and keeps you safe it is your best friend. It will always tell you what it is you seek and need. Connect with your body through Breathwork, Yogic Technology, and Restorative practices. 

The most powerful piece of technology you will ever work with. Listen to how it has been written, so you can learn her language and start to walk into your desires. Through meditation, mantras, mudras, and Soul Work, you will learn to understand your mind, so it can start working in your favor, and for that, get a break to reset and refresh.

The beauty of your home, your bed, next to your pet. It doesn't matter where you drop in but connect ...because when you surrender to the voice of your heart, everything you do the rest of the day will be met effortlessly.