What you will need

A quiet, comfortable space. Headphones, a good internet connection, tea or water, all pets are welcome 🐶😽

What to wear

Whatever your heart desires! Get comfy, like reallyyyy comfy. Soft, cozy comfort clothing. Blankets, beanies, socks, anything that feels good allows you to move, drop in and not distract you. 

Off the grid

This is your time. A time to reconnect and remember. So when you come out of this space you are clearer, stronger, and rooted. Give yourself permission to go off the grid for the duration of your session!


Rest after a session, especially if your head feels like mashed potatoes! This means doing nothing, absolutely nothing for a bit!... because doing nothing is also doing something! This will allow your new vibration to touch everything you are and will become.

Soul food

Eat food that makes you happy! Eat intuitively, what sounds really good?

Water lots of water!

Water dear one, drink lots of water, take a shower, or jump in the ocean. It seems like we are just doing human work, but your Soul is doing so much behind the scenes. Our healing continues after each Session, and water allows us to process, release and detox the body from any energy that is still clearing, so we can arrive and raise or frequency in a graceful and appropriate way. Give your body this gift.