Healing Astrology

April 02, 2022 1 min read

Looking for power, alignment, and guidance for all the astrological movements you are feeling?

During this Session, we will move with the moon and the Universal energies from cosmic entries that empower your healing and connect with your messages. With intuitive listening, meditation, and automatic writing; the chaos is all for you, so you will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of where the celestial and cosmic entries are, what they are asking you to move into, and why!

I am not an astrologer; I am an energy healer. But I have always seen the movement of the sky in the human energy field. So we will use the shifts in the sky, full and new moons, eclipses, and conjunctions to propel and empower your healing because the whole cosmic chaos is at your service! It is how the Universe is trying to help you, align you, and show you your Soul's path. So we will listen!

These sessions use energy healing, visualizations, intuitive writing, crystals or other spiritual tools, and a lot of awareness! Soul homework might be a thing sometimes ;)

>>> Join us here! Feel what it means to rest in the hands of the Universe when all you have to do is show up!


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