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Are you exhausted from control? Try this type of breathing.

It will release toxicity, transform your emotional state, and allow your body to process all that your heart and mind have been holding onto consciously and subconsciously.
This Session is practiced lying down. We drop in with a self-awareness practice, I will guide you into a step-by-step ancient breathing technique, and in a state of lucid dreaming, we finish with a healing sound bath. We are diving deep into theta waves for an expansive experience. You will walk away in a deep state of relaxation and awareness. A surreal experience to surrender to your primal force; the breath. This is the actual reset.

In breathwork, you release control, letting your mind relax.

Breathwork is an ancient two-step breathing technique that allows you to transform your emotional state and process all that your heart, body, and mind have been holding onto consciously and subconsciously. The objective is to release control and allow yourself to experience yourself. 

Breathwork releases your ego's plan, heals trauma, moves stuck energy, and removes anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It is a compelling way of connecting with your body and moving through heavy and unwanted patterns written in your nervous system, opening your heart and intuition to your soul's embodied wisdom. In breathwork, conscious breathing hypo-oxygenates the cells filling your bloodstream with more oxygen than ever, causing rapid healing in the body and mind.

When you surrender, the breath takes you on a journey. The best part is the tingling sensations! Aka, energetic release! Ah, this is what makes us feel our heavenly composition! The energy of grief, pain, trauma, guilt, sadness or any feeling that has not been processed yet is being carried in your magnetic field. All the trapped emotions, you might be or not even aware that you have them, yet they are keeping you blocked or stuck. The tingly sensation is released after setting the mind and body into a place of comfort, moving through what would seem uncomfortable to process in an original state of mind.

After a session, you will feel a sense of clarity, peace, focus, creativity, and centeredness, walking into your journey with a different system. 

I love breathwork so much because it reminds us we hold power within ourselves to shift and heal ourselves and our past experiences even when the pain is deep and rooted. In the subtlety of the breath, we can ease pain and grief.

All ready to be released, unwanted patterns float while the breath works its way deep into your body's written physical and emotional chemistry to bring it to the surface to be released. Holistic tools always work when our body and mind are open (relaxed) to receive the healing and remove the lesson; this is the beauty of this practice, it sets your mind to open up and your body to release. 

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing. Reiki energy is administered through gentle touch and activates the body's natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional well-being, working with the life force energy that flows through us. A Reiki treatment feels like a relaxing massage, except on your energy field. This holistic modality treats the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) and restores peace, security, and well-being. Great article HERE

At the end of the session, we will discuss any messages that came through for you, explore practical spiritual tools you can implement, and I will give you soul homework for you to keep moving in the right direction. You can book here, and I will email you to find a good time + day for us to get together.

Have you ever observed your breath when you're feeling stressed? There's a good chance you're breathing shallowly into your upper chest. Shallow breathing is often an indication of stress. When your breath is shallow, you draw only a tiny amount of air into your lungs. As a result, breathing is often more rapid than usual. If you've ever found yourself breathing this way, you also felt agitated or ill at ease. 

The stress response is linked to the sympathetic nervous system (SNS)—a branch of the autonomic nervous system responsible for reacting to a perceived threat - "fight or flight." When stressed, the SNS goes into hyperdrive, constricting blood vessels throughout your body. This increases heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, and restricts digestive function.

Your body and brain are part of a continuous feedback loop in which the body sends signals to the brain about the state of the system, and the brain sends information to the body to respond to the body's cues. Shallow breathing lets your brain know you are under stress in that loop. If your breath remains shallow, the stress feedback loop remains activated.

The "off-switch." The SNS has a counterpart—the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The PNS is often referred to as the "rest and digest" system in the body. It contributes to relaxation and the sensation of feeling calm.

Like the SNS, the PNS can be activated by modulating the breath. Imagine that you're lying somewhere where you feel calm and peaceful. Notice how your breath flows. When relaxed, you are more likely to take long, slow, deep diaphragmatic breaths than shallow ones.

The breath is the only autonomic nervous system that functions under your control! Let me say that again...The breath is the only autonomic nervous system function under your control!

Remember that we used to think the body and the mind were sepa­rate and distinct? Your entire body is intelligent, not just your brain. Your organs are separate intelligent agents within your body that perform certain functions and produce specific emotions or feelings! 

Ancient physicians were right! If you are feeling an emotion of anger, it's not coming entirely from your brain; the energy of the emotional vibration you are feeling is emanating from your liver or gallbladder. 

The power of conscious breathing goes far beyond mere relaxation. By accelerating your breathing and increasing your air intake, you induce changes in your body chemistry. Your blood becomes heavily oxygenated as carbon dioxide levels drop. This often causes tingling sensations and other physical symptoms, and energetic releases. The energy of grief, pain, trauma, guilt, sadness or any feeling that has not been processed yet is being carried in your magnetic field. You might not even be aware that you have it, yet it keeps you blocked, in a limiting belief pattern, or stuck. The tingly sensation is released after setting the mind and body into a place of comfort by moving through what would seem uncomfortable to process in a natural state of mind. This is where the magic flows!

This breath can also induce powerful altered states of consciousness. These altered states vary tremendously based on the individual. Still, they are often profoundly healing and therapeutic and involve processing repressed emotions and traumas, confronting addictions, problematic behaviors, and other personal issues.

Occasionally, this breathing can produce visionary states, spiritual experiences of profound meaning, beauty, and connection. If you have never experienced this practice, I highly recommend it. 

>>> Join us here! Allow me to guide you through a beautiful afternoon to breathe and release. Blessings, m 


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