Soul Work

April 04, 2022 1 min read

Ready to awaken your gifts and "do the work!"? You asked for it, so here we are, leveling up! 🤍

Our Alchemy Sessions, are part lecture, part practice —and experiential way to learn, see, understand, and heal your human layers. An opportunity to understand and see the unseen, clearing our subconscious and tuning into our intuition. A monthly experiential session to do "the work!"

We will work on our insecurities, expectations, past, limiting beliefs, fears, made-up timelines, idols, shadows, and hearts! We will awaken our gifts, intuition, sensibility, and energy fields. We will combine both, for we are the perfect mix of human and Soul.

I always searched for classes like these. Alchemies where I could learn, experientially use the teachings, and heal my "stuff" during class! Where integration and evolution became one.

These sacred workshops hold a very powerful frequency.
~ We will meet once a month as a group
~ I will give you monthly Soul Homework
~ Yes, these are like Alchemy Classes or our Retreat work but once a Month!

>>> Join us here! Time to clean the house!
Blessings, m

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