A Divine Healing Circle ~ Monthly Gathering

December 17, 2019 2 min read

Grace is the harmony of courage and radiance. It is your intricate composition. All the parts and pieces that make you a woman. You are born with them, you are them, you are the most beautiful complex structure on earth. Courage to look deep within and remember who you truly are. Radiance to shine this light in every moment of your life. You are grace just by being alive, and as a woman everything you touch, everything you create everything you welcome in your world you touch with your grace.

It’s time to step up into our power, accept the challenge and embrace the multidimensional matrix that you are. This class is a gathering of tools extensive teachings for women. To expand your stunning composition of cellular structure, physical material an energetically symphony that you are.

In this woman's guide, I will show you the road map to your 6 truths, to the elements that you're by birth. I"ll show you the path to come back to LOVE (your power), I'll remind you of your BEAUTY, I will teach you to LISTEN to your INNER voice (and balance), you'll regain your PURPOSE by coming back to your basic CREATIVITY. And I share with you where your true SECURITY lies.

Embrace and love being a woman, it is the highest priest on earth! You are the king and the queen, you have everything within. Welcome.

Love you, Maria


Proven benefits of meditation include stress reduction, improved concentration, enhanced productivity, chronic pain reduction, better sleep, sustainable energy levels, emotional balance, increased immunity, improved metabolism and more. You will learn several methods and techniques that will enable you to tap into the sense of calm that exists deep inside your mind (whether you believe it is in there or not). Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen your existing practice.


Yoga means union. So much more than just a physical practice, yoga is a way of life. Using a combination of breath, sound, philosophy, and physical posture, we’ll create a therapeutic yoga experience that speaks to your soul. You’ll learn to step into your power, find your grace, and connect with your Self. This practice is designed to elevate your recovery and sense of well-being by bringing your body, mind, and spirit into a state of joy, balance, and ease. 


Sound Healing 
Lie back, relax, and experience a whole new type of bliss. Before long, you’ll find yourself in slipping into a deep state of meditation and relaxation as your tension and stress melts away. Based on ancient healing techniques, vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to recalibrate the mind, body, and spirit. These healing frequencies stimulate alpha and theta brain wave frequencies, balance the hemispheres of the brain, and promote deep rest and relaxation.  A Sound Bath is like a deep tissue massage for your body, mind, and spirit.