Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga + Meditation Class

December 01, 2019 1 min read

Khalsa Way is a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Pregnancy is the most powerful transformation period for a woman. Prenatal Yoga opens the door for her to experience the powerful energetic connection woven between her and her unborn child, awakening a deeper consciousness that is offered to us at this time. It is from this space of awareness that she will tap in and release any fear that may keep her from experiencing the best birth possible.

Prenatal Yoga is a gathering of multiple lineages of Yoga, the breath, the movements, and the flow are all designed for pregnancy. This class provides an excellent opportunity to come together with other expectant mothers, to share with this community, feel safe, and empower one another along this powerful journey into motherhood.

All women in all trimesters of pregnancy are welcome, looking to conceive, already have kids, or are looking for a gentle, yet empowering yoga class.


If you are interested in joining please reach out HERE