Let's bring you back to the present and ground; put your feet in the sand!

When you feel anxious, you teletransport yourself into never-ending loops about the past or the future. Since you are not in the present you do not feel safe, you cut off your legs and your head (energetically, that is ;), so your energy is now only moving around your chest and belly. Trying to move to other parts of the body and unable to, it starts to move in a circular motion. Because there is no energy flow in the rest of the body, the electricity accumulates here, hence why we feel horrible chest pain, solar plexus pressure, or nausea. So imagine all the energy you normally move through your entire body, now all trapped in 1/3 of your body! Aye, Dios mio, right?! Let's bring you back into the present so your energy can start to move down through your legs and reach your roots. Here you will find safety and protection. Let's open your heart so the energy can reach your soul and you can find guidance within. Let's plug you back to source. 


With this 5-min clearing! So we can remind your body that it is safe for you to be here; in the present, and your energy can start to flow and relax!


~ come to these healing practices as many times as you need ~

Thank you for being here with me, for reading, shifting, and searching within! For your accountability and your desire to not let anything or anyone take your power away. Now that we're in this together, remember you are in full command; that is the beauty of our soul work.  Blessings to you, 💗 M.


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Here is to awakening your heart and searching within! M.

DAILY MAGIC ✨ Every feeling holds a message unique to you. They arrive and move through you so you can obtain your message. When you comprehend your messages, you allow this energy to dissolve and keep moving, for its mission has been completed. Your frequency shifts because that energy no longer resides within you — what you know as a feeling of relief, "ah," or freedom within. This is the magic of your daily feelings. Listen to them. Listen with love. M✨