The 120th Day of Pregnancy

November 21, 2019 2 min read

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In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, the 120th day of pregnancy is when the soul of the child enters the mother's womb. This is a beautiful private ceremony held for the mother to be during the 120th day of her pregnancy (it could be before or after if need be). It is the most important day of pregnancy. It is focused on the sacredness of the soul that is joining its new earthly family!

During this ceremony, we celebrate with her closest friends and family members.We gather together to create a holy space, through prayers, meditation, and mantra. It is a potent and significant moment for both mom and baby. This is a ceremony she will never forget, connecting with her ancestor, and her lineage, into motherhood and this new chapter of her life. Husbands are welcome too!


"The purest thing in the world is the heart of the mother, the heart-chakra, the center of the mother. It is the purest thing in the world. It can move God. It can move the universe. It can cause an effect beyond limitation. The heart of the mother is the greatest power of Infinity ever given to any finite being. There are certain things which can be considered the most superior things: prayer of the mother, prayer of the beloved, prayer of the self, and prayer of the spiritual teacher. These are four prayers which can alter and change the destiny."
~Yogi Bhajan, Women’s Camp 1977


This is a beautiful gift to give your family member or a friend. It is a moment in time that will never happen again. You have the power to lift your vibration to match that of the baby. And you have a tribe of souls supporting you with this high vibration during this ceremony to bless you and your family through this journey. Open to receive their love and infinite light. You are all connected to heal one another. Give yourself or a friend this blessing, they will never forget it.


This is a very sacred ceremony; please book with time. Image credit * Wha Khalsa


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