What are my Meditation Healing Classes all about?

Maria's Meditation Healing classes are multidimensional journeys for your evolution + growth. Beautiful blends of ancient practices, technologies and techniques for peace, love + awakening. A mix of the following tools.  We get together on the first week of every month to reset + refresh and withhold a powerful upcoming month.

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Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Kundalini ("energy" in Sanskrit) is more on the spiritual end of the yoga spectrum. There are no downward dogs, plank poses, or shoulder stands. It's a beautiful, uplifting combination of movement, breath, meditation, sound, and deep knowing. These modalities awaken latent energy (the Kundalini) that sits at the base of the spine and helps it travel its way up through your body. As the Kundalini rises, it awakens your awareness, helping you move past your ego ~ recognizing and experiencing your expansive self. 

We work with the technology of your 10 bodies, 3 minds and 8 eyes. It aligns your mind, body, and soul, creating a strong foundation in your system that allows you to withhold the demands of this world and your daily life. Granting you the experience of a heart center practice; you will comprehend what it is to be soul-centered. This is a self-healing practice. 


We meditate to ease the body, open the heart and calm our mind. Meditation helps release stress, improved concentration, enhanced productivity, chronic pain reduction, better sleep, sustainable energy levels, emotional balance, increased immunity, improved metabolism, and more. Meditation has different techniques that will enable you to tap into the sense of calm that exists deep inside you. Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen your existing practice, this is like water to your soul. Hydrates and refreshes. 


Writing will heal you. Plain and simple. Your heart does all the talking, your arms are the extension of your heart, and your hands the eyes of your soul. These 3 elements open the door to your subconscious storage; the cause for the road blocks, "no-know-pain" and delays for your goals. This is not a journaling, writing class. This is not juju. This is a simple tool we dismiss for it's simplicity and fear of its potential power. This is writing like you had never done before. You don't have to "like" or "hate" writing, it has nothing to do with you. You just have to show up. Your body and soul already know what to do. All about this in my books for a daily practice.


Everything is energy. Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. I use this medicine through out the entire class to awaken your memory and remembrance that you are your own healer. That you know what to do, when and how in order to move in the direction of your dreams. Energy medicine, is the medicine of the future. Wake up this part of you. Show up for your practice. What is energy healing?


If you are ready to dig deep, heal trauma, remove anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, stay with me, and breathe. Astral Breathwork is an ancient 3-step breathing technique that works with your conscious and your subconscious mind. It is a compelling way of connecting with your body and moving through dense, unwanted patterns written in your nervous system, releasing them once and for all. It is very close to my heart to offer this to you as it is a very sacred life-changing experience.


Emotional transformations during gong meditations and sound is a gift from the Universe. It is a way to come into alignment with a higher consciousness, that's why you feel so good afterwards. The gong impacts the body and its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension and stimulates circulation. The result of this is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure.

The gong changes blocked frequency by releasing the seeds that created the illusionary feelings. As the person comes back to a present state, they notice a great difference.


Khalsa Way is a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Pregnancy is the most powerful transformation period for a woman. Prenatal Yoga opens the door for her to experience the powerful energetic connection woven between her and her unborn child, awakening a deeper consciousness that is offered to us at this time. It is from this space of awareness that she will tap in and release any fear that may keep her from experiencing the best birth possible.

Prenatal Yoga is a gathering of multiple lineages of Yoga, the breath, the movements, and the flow are all designed for pregnancy. This class provides an excellent opportunity to come together with other expectant mothers, to share with this community, feel safe, and empower one another along this powerful journey into motherhood. All women in all trimesters of pregnancy are welcome, looking to conceive, already have kids, or are looking for a gentle, yet empowering yoga class. 





"Actually, Kundalini Yoga means awareness. Awareness is a finite relationship with Infinity. . . This dormant energy is in you. This awareness is sleeping, so you only experience (a limited part of) your full capacity. When it can be extended to Infinity, you remain You! In that state, nothing is lacking. This is the basic human structure, the framework through which we have to function." — YB