What is energy healing?

Well, let's start with this; You are more than just matter, and science agrees. You are more than a physical body moving through life, feeling all the feelings. When we encounter roadblocks, annoyingness, feelings like anger or deep sadness, frustration, pain, you name it... why not speak to these things in the same language they were written. Why not talk to energy with energy?  


Everything is made out of energy. Everything. The physical reality that we experience is made up of vibrating particles, atoms, energy. And since everything is made up of atoms, everything is made up of energy. Yep, this includes your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Think about it, energy follows the mind. When you remember a sad moment, you get low. When you are under stress, you get sick. Your physical body is continuously being affected by your thoughts (energy), and these dictate your feelings (actions), more energy. This makes you an interconnection of electrical and chemical stimulus constantly sharing and moving information.


When clarity arrives. Clarity opens up the door for healing to occur. Because healing is a shift in perspective, an understanding of evolution in what ever plane you are working on (mental, emotional, physical). This is what a soul healing session is. Is working with energy to find clarity wherever it is that you need it, for you to move forward and keep evolving. Aka: having those "aha" moments, no more triggers, hurt or physical pain. 


The work is more like an experience. The healing is in the feeling. Experiencing your 4 bodies starts to get you a clear understanding of how multidimensional you are. Yes, you have more than just one body. The reason we want to know our multidimensionality is because it's the only way to understand that we are not alone. Yes, we weren't sent here to Earth completely by ourselves. Who would do that? Are you kidding me, that would be suicidal. And even though these bodies might not be visible to the eye, you are constantly working and witnessing them. Your habits, mental patterns, dreams are all here. Stay with me. The healing occurs when you understand the constant intertwining of your 4 bodies. This is when awareness arrives — being present of your present. This is why when we heal one, so do the rest. This is where it gets really fun!


Yeah, healing doesn't have to be this painful process. You might cry, sure, but it's better out than in, don't you think? I mean, for all the tears I've shed in my healing path, not one, did not bring me to a more enlightened path, vision, and perception of myself. It is the experience of freedom in its purest form; it releases you and opens you up to joy. It empowers you, and you start to create the life you actually want, not the one life chooses for you. Its effortless, all you have to do is show up.


I'm going to go ahead and said it is easy, when we walk together. I also have my teachers that I walk with; that is the beauty of a healing path. But it takes commitment. This is the downfall. This is when we tend to get scared and jump off the train. Linda, nothing you are not ready to see, feel, or know will not be revealed to you. It's that simple. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Now, how committed are you to yourself? To a clear path? To a grounded day? To love, to peace to wellbeing? There is your answer.


I am just here to guide the way for your healing to occur. It is the universal force and her beautiful energy the one doing all the work. The one pouring through us during this sacred encounter for you to step into your power and move towards your next step. I already did mine, I cleared myself and constantly are to keep a pure vessel for your energy to come through us and give you clarity. This is what some people call lifting the veils of misperception.


No. I did study Reiki and I honor it, but I won't pour energy until we have cleared your container. It's just what I have been taught by my guides. We don't sew a dirty wound, do we? We first clean it, then we seal it. You see, I take my energy pretty seriously. My sessions are intuitive containers of healing. This means I offer you an opportunity to see what is written in your different bodies, adjust accordingly and listen to what your soul has to say. I use a variety of healing techniques from many traditions and philosophies to restore inner peace. In the end, we cut cords, karmic knots, and clear energetic ties between friends, family, past loves, and others, which enable us to move forward in our true empowerment.​


Energy healing is evolution in motion. We will meet for 1h to 1h-30 depending how chatty your guides are and we will check-in to see what feels current for you. Discuss your desires and intentions for the session, and any concerns you might have. We can meet in person or via zoom. Energy has no boundaries.

Your challenge, if you wish to accept it, is opening up to this relationship, you with you. Is recognizing the living breathing consciousness within you. It is claiming your power back. If you are here, you are being called, and if you are called, you are ready! Interested? Fill this form, let's talk about what a soul healing session could mean for you, your path and your heart.


Love to you, m


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