Our Craft

To know "what" to create is important, but to know "why" is so much more. 

How do we find a way to inspire you, to get you excited to know yourself? We are at the beginning of a new era  (the Aquarian age)  as the world is having a major awakening, we ask ourselves how do we show up for you in a way that is practical and rich in experience? This is our challenge and the reason we choose to do things a little bit different around here.

We chose to share our authenticity and depth behind every product and road map we create for you. So focusing on you becomes a pleasure for both you and us - - and a craft of joy.

Our planet needs us more than ever.
We are conscious of the materials we use, as well as packaging and shipping goods we send your way. 

All of our products are made in small batches, that way we have a better understanding of creation, development, and end result. They are also hand made products like our golden prints

All the yogic science teachings that are passed on in our CG are known to have a great impact on your immune system, your neurological systems, and your overall health.

It's so important for us to hear your feedback and know what we need to work on. We offer full refunds on all items (except our Hervario collection) and easy to return process so being our friend is the easiest relationship you will ever have!

All of our products are made by a community we have created to bring you a unique and secure experience with them. Our apparel is all proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Everything in this space has been designed and crafted with so much love. All of the teachings or techniques have been personally experienced by Maria. This is an expansion of her journey/diary. Everything she trusts, believe's in and values deeply to help us heal and move forward. We hope you feel it and pay it forward.




P.S: If you have any questions, we are here to help. Send us a message our customer service team is  HERE to help!