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 49 LOVE  |  
Mantra ~ Aaa Guray Nameh
Oil ~ Rose  
Known as the "Queen of Oils." Am I connected to my higher purpose? What am I craving? I can now accept that I am infinitely loved. imagine looking for holes inside your mind, heart or body. Choose a nurturing color to fill these holes with love as you embrace your sense with rose oil.

 45 PEACE  | 
Mantra ~ Om Shanti Om
Oil ~ Peace
What will it take for me to live in integrity with my values? What needs to change so that I can experience greater peace? I can now trust that all things will work together for my highest good. See a blanket of love and comfort placed around your body. Allow calm to absorb into the soul. 

Mantra ~ Sat Narayan
Oil ~ Balance
Am I living in the past or the future? What will it take to be connected to the here and now? What am I protecting myself from? I am now grounded in the present. See yourself as a kite, anchored to a steady point which allows you to safely soar.

Oil ~ Forgive
Am I carrying hurt which is not serving me? What is holding me back from extending forgiveness to myself and others? I am now open to forgiving myself and others. I now release hurt and allow full healing into my life. See cords unwind and release from around your heart and body. Imagine your hands and heart letting go do hurt.

Mantra ~ Hymn
Oil ~ Spearmint
What is causing me to doubt my decisions? Who am I trying to please? What is causing me to fear moving forward? I can now trust my inner voice. Direction now flows easily. See yourself dismiss the conflicting voices on either side. See your mind illuminated with the knowledge needed to move forward.

Mantra ~ Sohung
Oil ~ Spikenard
Do I recognize the good in my life? Do struggles make me feel important? I can now recognize and prize the good in my life. See the good things in life magnified and enhanced in your minds eye. Invite more good to enter the space.

— 25 DETOX   | 
Mantra ~ I Am What I Am
Oil ~ Celery Seed
What did not go as planned? What will it take for me to move forward from this experience? What will it take for me to recognize that this experience does not define me as a person. I can now accept that all things work out for my greatest good. I can now trust that this event will help me on my path. See yourself release your grasp on ropes you are holding on yo, giving them over to your Higher Power and opening yourself to move forwards on life's path.

Oil ~  Past Tense
What is the source of my conflicting thoughts? Am I in integrity with my inner voice? I am now clear and aligned with what I know to be right. Visualize light flowing from the crown of your head onto your eyes to see things as they really are. Imagine this light flowing over your brain, heart and hut. 

Mantra ~ Sa Ta Na Ma
Oil ~ Bergamot
What am I afraid of? Do i feel the need to defend agains a real or perceived threat? I am now safe and open to love. Imagine your muscles releasing tension and your breath becoming slow and even. imagine what is no longer serving you flowing out of your body.

Oil ~ Wild Orange
What will it take for me to connect to the inspiration waiting for me? What life experiences have caused me to limit myself? I am now open t infinite possibilities. Solutions are now waiting for me. See light pouring from the sacral chakra/reproductive area of your body. Visualize a gift being handed to you that contains ideas beyond your own. See your mind expanding to hold more.

Mantra  ~ Ik Ardas Wahe Guru
Oil ~ Magnolia
Am I protecting myself from others? What will it take for me to believe that there is more than enough love to go around? I can now release all sorrow and replace it with love and gratitude. I now have permission to move forward. Imagine healing hands placed over your heart. Feel pure love renewing your heart and extending out to others. 

— 05 TRUST   |  
Mantra ~ Ong Namo
Oil ~ Frankincense
What am I protecting myself from? How has my ego been harmed? I now choose faith. I now have unseen support in every moment. See yourself lay down the defenses you have been holding onto and step into grace.

— 01 RADIANCE   |  
Mantra ~ Ammatay
Oil ~ Arbovitae
What will it take for me to trust my inner voice? What am I protecting it from? I am now allowed to trust myself. Imagine unlocking any restraints that are holding back your intuition. See your mind, heart and hut connect and work together in harmony to support your intuitive flow.

I am so honor you are here with me and I welcome you to this beautiful journey.
xoxo, MM

~ Doterra essential oils, 8th Edition, 2019