MS: May meditation class to release emotional + physical stress

Tonight, we talk to the unknown.

We are all under stress. But what is stress? When the lungs do not have the power to soak the blood with the oxygen required, you get stressed. It is a simple thing. The problem starts from the breath. I will ask you to breathe tonight. To breath with conviction so that the oxygen can have its own rhythm, and your diaphragm may give you the oxygen you need. When oxygen starts to move, water starts to find balance within the system. We will move so we can move the mercury in you. This creates clear and precise communication. The communication we need in order to understand, reorganize and release.
When upset, attention should be given to the body's water balance. Water carries your emotions. What disturbs our emotions our give and take. This is called balancing the heart. When we are balanced within what we give and receive, we are in alignment with our emotions. This is what we will work on tonight.

The goal is not to make it to your meditation class (via zoom). The goal is to empty out the garbage. I am stressed, I am not well, I am not healthy, I am not loved... out out out! 
This is a 60 mins Breathwork, Meditation + journaling class to release physical + emotional stress. Clear the mind and your ten bodies, to find truth and clarity, and ground this energy to keep you moving and grooving. Low impact on the body. 

Please gather

~ A quiet, comfortable space
~ Headphones, chargers for computer/phone
~ Pillows, blankets, essential oils, palo santo, crystals, pets 
~ Pen + recycling paper ~ not your journal
~ Oracle cards if you like them

Enjoy, sending you all my love, maria