How does flower essence work?

Flower Essences are for everyone, including people and animals! I work with the most beautiful farm here in the US called Green Hope Farm Flower Essences. They have an excellent worldwide reputation for high vibration Flower Essences. 


What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are not chemical remedies. They are electrical information from Flowers. This electrical information is like a tuning fork that helps you tune your electrical system to a higher and healthier vibration. Each Flower Essence offers the wisdom of what Flower has learned in its evolutionary journey.

They help us hold these high vibrations while remaining grounded in our physical bodies. This is helpful because it is easy to get ungrounded as our vibration gets higher. They know how to be in radiant form and keep rooted. There is a flower that has successfully tackled just about every problem humans and animals confront. Like we have a journey and a destination to evolve as a human race, so does the plant kingdom.

They are an extremely safe and gentle way to clear and clean your electrical system so you can course-correct on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues in your life. Flower Essences are information. They cannot harm.


How do Flower Essence Work? 
We have an electrical system around us. Think of it as an energetic replica of your nervous system. These electrical systems read and learn from electrical data all day. Most of us seek high vibration people, places, and things because these vibrations help us evolve as well as feel happy and healthy. Flower Essences, like the flowers, they are made from, offer us very high electrical vibrations. These vibrations are precisely the kind of information your electrical system has been looking for to solve its problems and experience a greater sense of well-being. When this grid came into my radiance is when I discover the power of flower essence. Read my story here.


CG Flower Essences
All of my essences are a mix of the Elementals of Green Hope Farm Flower Essence, and energy healing from South American shamanic prayers infuse from mother earth. These are the prayers of my ancestors and the prayers I used and still use every day for myself and my clients.


How many can I work with?
You can work with as many Flower Essences as you feel called to work with. Your electrical system can easily read and learn from many Flower Essences at the same time. That is why there is more than one flower family in each bottle. You cannot take too many. 


...And is it like working with fairies?
Yes! It is totally like working with fairies. The Angels and the Elementals that guide the creation for these powerful combinations are working with you while you decide to work with them. You can feel their presence, and if you pay close attention, you can feel your electric system being brushed and sooth all around you. They are truly a gift, especially for these times on earth.


How do I use them?
Here is the beauty of working with these precious! There are many ways to work with them. Remember, they are information, not chemical, so a little drop holds the same information as a lot. A couple of drops several times a day is usually plenty. Follow your inner guidance on how many times you need them, and they are here for you, they are beyond happy to see them and are letting them guide you to expansion on your path. If you take more drops than you need, it is no problem, and it will not harm. Your electrical system will ignore the information.


1. You can put Flower Essences in a glass of water to sip. With each sip, your electrical system gets a reminder of the healing electrical information of the Flower Essences. These frequent reminders of the wisdom of the Flower Essences help your electrical system find a higher and healthier vibration.

2. You can put them in the bath or take them directly in your mouth. Your electrical system extends out from your body. This means there is no need to take them internally if you don't want to. But they are all pretty tasty.

3. You can rub them on your skin or your animals' paw pads or ear tips.

4. You mix them with water and use it in a spritzer bottle to spritz over yourself and other members of your household, your bed, office, or different spaces. Babies love their room sprayed with these.


We are all part of one electrical system, so it is beneficial for everyone in a household when you all work with Flower Essences at the same time. Try not to touch the dropper to anything like your hand, mouth, or your animal's fur. If you do touch the dropper to something, rinse it off for ten seconds or so in cold water.


Where do I keep them? 
With your care and attention, these essences will stay at their peak vibration for about a year. If you care for them, they can last much longer. To help them last longer, place them by your altar or a high vibration spot in your home, someplace that feels harmonious and serene. Keep them out of high traffic areas where people and animals will unconsciously pull on their energies. It is also beneficial to routinely ask the Angels and Elementals to clear and protect your Essences, so they stay high in vibration for as long as possible. These actions on your part will make an enormous difference in the potency and longevity of your Flower Essences.


Why do animals like them so much? 
Animals recognize these essences as incredibly helpful tools because they speak the language of animals. In the wild, animals naturally gravitate to high vibrations plants and places. When you give the animals in your life Flower Essences, you are bringing these high vibrations to them. Your animals recognize and appreciate this!


Will I see results?
I always tell my clients to have an open-minded, relaxed, and joyful heart about these! Enjoy the experience, and feel the Elementals presence. Know you deserve something that makes them feel happy and well. The road to good health must not be arduous and lengthy. Feeling better can be simple and straightforward. Recognize Flower Essences as helpful friends. They are here to help us, and they already have to deal with our thick, dense layers of mental, emotional, and chemical pollution. This makes it easier for the Essences to support us as we let them do their work! 


Why Flower Essences?
It's my journey to share all the tools that have helped me along the way. I was so desperate for so many years searching and looking for something that would pull me out of the dirty waters of my mind and help me clear the way. Flower essences were for me like running into a fairy ready to show me the way. As all good things MUST be shared, I want to share this tool with you. I worked with them and my clients, and now they are on my site, ready to share with everyone. I feel so blessed and grateful for the Elements, the GHP, and Molly, for sure, a beautiful partnership. I hope you enjoy them and allow them to lift your ride.


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xoxo, MM