How does distance energy healing works?

Energy has no boundaries, no time, and no space. Relax and receive. Grab some crystals, or essential oils, invite your pets (they also receive and love it), and open up to this beautiful experience.  

* No need to connect via ZOOM or in any other way. We will connect energetically!

Not a must, but it is nice; if you love music, here are some vibrations I love/recommend. They are so clean and beautiful.
1. At the time of your healing, find a quiet space to lay down and rest.
2. Close your eyes, a blanket, and rest!!!
3.Give yourself permission to release and receive.
4. Sometimes, I send you a lil homework to do after our healing.
5. You will wake up or be ready to get up whenever your soul is. Trust yourself! It can be in 15 minutes, 1h, or even 2h, it is divine timing. If you happen to fall asleep and take a nap, you are just processing; enjoy the ride. There is nothing wrong with falling asleep!
6. Bring yourself into your body, and focus on your feelings and messages. If you feel like crying, let it out. Better out than in. You are just opening the heart. If you like to journal, have a book next to you and let your heart do the talking; write what is coming through. If you have any oracle cards, you can pull a card when you wake up—a perfect time for this!
7. Drink soooo much water the rest of the evening; take it easy.  🥤
8. Don't take a shower afterward ;)

Suppose you can not lay down at the time of our healing, no worries. You will receive your healing while you sleep that evening.
1. Before going to bed, set the intention to receive this healing while you sleep.
2. Give yourself permission to release and receive. Don't forget this!!! Set the alarm on your phone so you don't forget.
3. Sweet dreams.
4. We all have something called an energy bank. This healing will be stored in your bank until your body is ready to receive it, nighttime. Your soul knows what to do; you are part of the collective consciousness of this healing. Wake up gently the next day, and pay attention to any dreams, thoughts, and feelings first thing in the morning and the rest of the day!

Either option is a beautiful experience your soul is offering you! Enjoy it and open up to the vibration of love. Surrender for your guides to come in and work through you! A beautiful portal to level up into the only truth - love.

* No need to connect via ZOOM or in any other way. We will connect energetically.
1. Before you go to sleep, set the intention and give yourself permission to release and receive in the A.M.
2. You can be either awake or asleep; it doesn't matter, don't stress over this.
3. If you wake up, awake during the time of the healing, or notice anything, bask in this energy and relax, see what messages come up for you, you can ask any questions; tune in!
4. You will be guided by your Soul based on your needs. You will wake up or be ready to get up whenever your Soul is. Trust yourself! It can be in 15 minutes, 1h, or even 2h, it is divine timing.
5. Start your day, and enjoy your weekend!
6. Drink lots of water porfavor! 🥤
7. Yes, you can take a shower that morning!


— No need for Zoom or to connect in any way; we are connecting energetically!
— No, you do not need to be present at the time of this session.

If you have never had a distance energy healing session, I invite you to try this out; it is like a massage for your soul. This is also a beautiful time to lay down together with your kids, husband, or mother in law ;)

Blessings, M