Breathwork Private Gatherings

Invite your friends, get cozy, lots of blankets and let me take you into a profound healing Breathwork journey with your tribe!

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We are going virtually! So you can move your couch, tables and lamps, and turn the TV loud. Take over the entire house, take up space, become expansive and let me guide you through a 90 minute session! Offer your tribe a sacred experience to recalibrate on a deeper level and experience something unique!


When we heal collectively, we heal with grace. 
Grace is the harmony of courage and radiance. It is your intricate composition.
This is what our Aquarian Age is calling deeply for.




~ 90 min gathering.
~ Small or large groups. No previous experience is required.
~ Includes, breathwork session, and sound bath. I would bring some yogi tea, if you are hosting, this is a beautiful way to finish the evening!


This workshop is for anyone looking to release any trapped emotions, feeling block, stagnant, desperate, confused or simply looking for clarity in any area of their lives. During this gathering, I will guide the group through a rhythmic breathing technique with healing music, and sound bath—low impact on the body. We will close the evening with a healing circle for connection and grounding.

Astral Breathwork is an active breathing process that combines an ancient 3-step breathing technique. During my session, I combine it with sound healing, guided meditation, and energy healing for a powerful transformational experience.

The best part, the tingling sensations! Aka energetic release! Ah, this is what makes us feel our heavenly composition! This is the energy of grief, pain, trauma, guilt, sadness, or any feeling that has not been processed but yet is being carried in your magnetic field. All the trapped emotions, you might be or not even aware that you have them, yet they are keeping you blocked or stuck. The tingly sensation is the release that happens after setting the mind and body into a place of comfort with moving through what would seem really uncomfortable to process in an original state of mind.

Read more and about the science behind it HERE

Get your tribe together, let's have some tea and allow me to guide you through a beautiful afternoon to breathe and release! This is a powerful technique that gets amplified with group energy!

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