Energy Medicine Circle

November 14, 2019 3 min read

~ 3 hours + peanut hour.  This means, tea, healthy snacks, and good conversations.
~ Small or large groups. Women only.

The moon holds powerful energy for healing and transforming. We gather during new moons to create an intimate and powerful ceremony for transformation. This powerful circle serves all women who are interested in healing, rising, and empowering themselves to the divine feminine energy within. It’s time to step up into our power and accept the challenge to embrace the multidimensional matrix that we are.

This circle is a sacred container that allows you to fall deeply and safely to journey inward and retreat from the outside world. We will release individual layers through a beautiful blend of breathing exercises, a vivid meditation with mantras. We will connect with our feminine energy during a beautiful ceremony based on ancient healing techniques. And we will seal our intentions by surrendering to an expansive sound bath to seal this time. We will come into clear alignment with the energy of the new moon and use that concentrated energy to manifest the highest intentions for our path.

This is a compelling way of releasing limiting beliefs and fears. Old sub-personalities that are no longer serving your path. We will detox your body, balance your emotions, strengthen your nervous system, and shift your consciousness into a peaceful vibration. You will experience an incredible sisterhood of woman, ready to heal, to love, to open up to the vulnerability of healing within - you will create an energy that is rarely felt. After this time together, you will feel empowered to takes these teachings back to your tribe so you can be a healing vessel to them.

The alchemy of this incredible gathering will leave you and your group transformed with an awakened light, a different perspective to engage in for the month ahead.

This is a low impact session; no previous experience is required. You are grace just by being alive, and as a woman, everything you touch, you touch with your grace. This workshop is a gathering of tools and extensive teachings for women. Join me!



I also offer this workshop as a series.  For six months, we will gather on every new moon, and we will focus on your six truths, working one truth at a time.

This is what you are made out of. It is a matter of learning how to manage your energy, listen to your body’s needs, and taking care of it! Every single thing you need and you are looking for you already are. Dust these six golden temples that live within you. Remember, regain your essence; it is the only truth that leads the way. You are love; you excerpt love, you teach love, learn your value, and get excited to love yourself! It is the most important relationship you have.

1. I’ll show you the path to come back to LOVE (your power.)
2. I’ll remind you of your RADIANCE (your beauty.)
3. I’ll teach you to LISTEN to your INNER voice (your nature and balance.)
4. You'll regain your PURPOSE (your word.)
5. You’ll restore your MAGIC (your creativity.)
6. And I'll share with you where your true SECURITY lies (your touch - your healing.)


Either way, this makes for a beautiful gathering of powerful women ready to shift and celebrate one another! Get your tribe together and rise! If you are pregnant or want to offer a friend a baby shower; she will never forget this day.


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