Family Constellations

May 01, 2022 1 min read

Looking to connect back to your ancestors, organize and empower the strength of your lineage? 

Family Constellations is the energy movement that heals ancestral bondages in the quantum field. During this Session, we will heal ancestral vows, links, and our family lineage, releases us into the present, and for that allow us to walk into our future; while honoring those before us. You will walk away with an overall feeling of organization and purpose, recognizing your destiny; what is yours and what is theirs.

Family patterns move down through generations, causing stress, illnesses, and disorder. We find ourselves being loyal to things we are unaware of. When we examine our feelings and perceptions in a "field of knowing," we can break out of family patterns that are causing suffering and blockages in our own lives, releasing loyalties, links, and unresolved lineage matters.

The energy directs our sessions as we release all that is not ours, but we once said yes to for love. This releasing organizes the system allowing you to open up space to what is yours, your path, and your destiny while honoring those before you.

>>> Join us here! Time to release all that is not yours. Blessings, m

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