Also in Bodies

You are a Soul in a Human Body. And your Soul is yearning to remember. We will find wholeness by learning how to communicate with our Souls. We will invite her to move us, and through us, so all we touch, say, and do, can be done with awareness, through our highest path, and from our higher Self.

Your body is the vehicle you choose to conquer here on Earth. It is the vessel that manifests your desires and keeps you safe  it is your best friend. It will always tell you what it is you seek and need. We will connect with your body through breathwork, ancient yogic movements, intuitive writing, and EMT.

The only key you will ever need. This precious jewel is what you seek. So if you are here; you have found it, don't ignore it; open it up, hold it, clear it and clean it. So she can know she is never alone, she has nothing to fear, and she is loved. Through all of our practices, Soul Work, and the guidance of Astrology healing, we will mend this space  the one where all other commands are born in your whole multidimensional Self.