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April 10, 2019 2 min read

Always wonder how to become more conscious, wake up or be more in tune with yourself? Take knowledge to action.

Our road maps are simple exercises to get to know you better, to observe you and reach your goals in a more effortless way. Each road map is a way for personal growth, a fact - policia that helps us dissolve limiting beliefs and old stories. So don't get thrown off by the simplicity of them. What we need to observe and allow to come to the surface is much more simple than what we think, the hard part is surrendering to it, not judging it, let me repeat - not judging it - and being okay with what it is. Take what you need. It's in the simple things where we find gold.

Find a quiet space, light some candles or incense, play some music, and download this road map, print it and give your self this time to learn about yourself. Come back to it as many times as you need to, get to know yourself and deepen your own process.

P.S. As the above sounds heavenly, sometimes I used to just print them and do them on-the-go, where and when I needed them hence the office, the meeting, the bathroom ;) hey, as long as you don't keep the non-sense inside of you, you-do-you-boo-boo. Remember; the way you think, the way you feel.



Get real with your story and enjoy the unknown. The sky is the limit, get out of your own way. Write it down, so you can get clear. Then please write the facts or the truth!  (If you want to know why writing is straight magic, read this) 





P.S. If you are a CG monthly member, may I suggest, printing this road map and add it to your Spiritual'll see it all come full circle. All of your layers, your lessons, why we act and react. All of these will evaporate as you get to truly know yourself.

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