Here is a weekly spiritual practice delivered to your inbox

Books and journals are not for everyone, but a healing practice is!
A request from my Colombian friend's, our Intergalactic Spiritual Laundry Online Portal is now LIVE!

Get a spiritual chapter delivered to your inbox every Sunday, and start to peel off what you can't see
and no longer serves you. We will meet Virtually once a month to heal, rise and meditate. 
Sign up, I'll take care of the rest ✨This is a monthly membership ~ $22 a month.
You can cancel at any time in this or any other life time.

1. Every Sunday you will receive an email from me!
We will learn a spiritual tool to focus and master during the week.  

2. This email will have a workbook, for you to download, print and focus on.
After a few Sundays you will start to see your own spiritual path!

3. Every Sunday's guide builds upon the previous one.
Yes, it's totally A-O.K. if you didn't make it, had to skip, or felt asleep.

4. Throughout our practice, we will work with different energy healing tools, mantras an essential oils
~ learn more HERE!

5.  Once a month we meet LIVE, for a healing practice, to reset and share. This is a 1h free class, that will also be recorded so its yours. All details will be sent when you sign up! If you live in California, we meet the 3rd Monday of every month at Magnolia Wellness Center (all info here)

Commit to YOU, fall in LOVE with you.

I'M IN <3


When can I join?
Whenever you're ready. We'll start from step 1 and build together every Sunday. Open enrollment is available all year.

What if I have zero experience? 
It's no a problem, the only thing you need is to be think we should be good in that department, right?

What if I don't like it?
Offense non-taken! Not everything is for everyone, you can cancel your monthly membership any time.

How do I know what we are working on?
You don't. Part of this path is to surrender to trust that what is showing up is for your highest good. Good first lesson ha? What I teach is a mix of many spiritual practices and teachings carefully crafted by me to awaken your consciousness and connect with your soul. That's what makes it so unique!

How much time does it take?
As much time as you want to put into it! It's totally up to you, how bad do you want a change and a shift?

I don't know...
Fear is a reaction, courage is a choice. Listen to your inner call.

Got more questions? Ask here or check our FAQ's here !