What is Awareness


Let’s talk about your master key: the present. The present is the only place that matters because it is the only place you can shift, change, move, and reroute in the direction that you wish to go. This is what awareness is:



When you are doing something (anything, it can be driving, cooking, working out), are you present? Are you stuck in the past or daydreaming about the future? Can you catch yourself doing either of these things? Living in the past is remembering, living in the future is dreaming. How much time do you spend in between these two places?

Awareness is the process of focusing your attention on your body, thoughts, or feelings in the present moment. This unique practice shows you how to start witnessing the incredible and intricate world inside of you. This means observing how your mind, body, and soul mingle together to support you unconditionally. This is where you really get to know yourself.

You are in full command. Always, at all times, you have the power to choose! You choose your thoughts, your feelings, where to go, what to say, how to react, what to eat, your friends, your words, your work. You choose your day-to-day every day. 

Shed the victim role, become responsible for your life choices, and choose what brings you joy. Starting today, observe how much responsibility you take for your emotions and commotions. Do you blame others? Do you lie to yourself to feel better? Once you choose this side of accountability, you release the victim role by arriving to the present time.

Bringing your attention to the present is the master key to a door that will open up the consciousness within.This week observe yourself. Start to bring your attention (awareness) back to the present moment and witness if you play the victim role throughout the week. Listen to your conversations with others and yourself. Observe your thoughts and the tricks you play for instant gratification or immediate relief. Is this a long-lasting solution? Or does your contentment fade pretty quickly? If any of these scenarios arise, bring yourself to this mantra and take control of your mind: “Today, I am in full command.”


I love you! m

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