The Aquarian Age

I am not an astrologer. In fact I know nothing about it. But a lot of you ask me about what the Aquarian Age is, so I thought I would share from the Yogic perspective.

For the next 2000 years, we will be in the Aquarian Age. We have been in the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age for the last 50 years.  The official beginning of the Aquarian Age was November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11. 

The Piscean Age has been dominated by hierarchy and power. The key phrase for this age was from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To be or not to be.” To make a successful and happy life, you needed to resolve this question. The key to the astrological sign Pisces is “I believe.” During this age, for you “to be,” you needed to find someone or something to believe in.

Everything that you have learned from your parents, and they from their parents, going back 2000 years, has been colored by this Piscean frame of reference. And now that is all changing.

The key phrase for this Aquarian Age, is “Be to be.” The key to the astrological sign Aquarius is “I know.” This is the age of information. Nothing is a secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down the structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is held in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality.

During this age, the focus is no longer on your identity and existence (“to be or not to be”), but on accepting yourself as a whole person (“be to be”) who does not need to believe in something outside of yourself. You are ready to take that you have the knowledge and wisdom within yourself. It is no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself but to become a leader of one: yourself. Instead of being a railroad car that is pulled by an engine, you become your engine. It is your responsibility to stay on the tracks and to

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in humanity. Some people are preparing for this shift by opening their hearts and minds and embracing this new age. Some people are intimidated by the changes that they don’t understand and want to return to a “golden age” in the past or to circle the wagons and trust only those who are like themselves.

When you fast or cleanse to purify your body, at first, you feel worse because toxins get stirred up to be eliminated. Once these poisons have been cleared, you feel lighter and more energized. Now imagine that every person on planet Earth is going through this shift. We are heading into a time of radical change. It is a time of significant potential growth and expansion, but it is also a time of great potential pain and suffering. The more that you understand what is happening, the more that you can go through all of the changes without losing your balance and stability.


Have a daily spiritual practice. Every religious, tradition has one thing in common: a daily practice. This can be many different things: yoga, meditation, chanting, prayer, contemplation, exercise, journaling, etc. It is not important what you are doing, but that you do something almost every day, and do it to let go of your blocks and focus your consciousness.

2.Don’t give in to fear, despair, or anger. There is so much happening that can trigger these emotions: the media, the environment, politics, terrorism, etc. If you understand that these emotions are all symptoms of the Aquarian shift, then you can go through them without losing your center.

3.Don’t be a victim.You have the power to change your life. Don’t give that power away to anyone through blame or resentment. You are responsible for your happiness and grace. Don’t buy into any view of reality in which you are not 100% responsible for making your life work. 

4.Be a source of light. The more people who consciously choose to embrace the Aquarian shift, the easier this transformation will go for humanity. It is a spiritual truth that a small percentage of people who have shifted their consciousness can influence the rest of humanity. If you are reading this, then you are most likely one of these pioneers. Find a way to spread your light: teach, heal, create community networks, serve, sacrifice, love. Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

xoxo, Maria


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