Keep Moving... Keep clearing!

Discipline is a word that we love to hate, but I think it's worse to hate oneself for lack of it. You know it's good for you. You know what serves you and what doesn't. This is the type of discipline I'm talking about. No being your own worst energy. Why would you go on a social media black hole where YOU know you're going to come out of it feeling less than empty and ultimately and utterly drained. Full of negative thoughts and anxiety, your phone is about to die on top of that.

Let's get real. How many times have you lost yourself looking at your phone, and then 10 mins later you come back not even knowing where you've been. It's almost like a time warp. You threw your phone on the floor and said, "ugh." Exactly. Because you knew all along it was a bad idea, and you still allowed yourself to go there.

No, no!

Awareness is about taking care of our self. Discipline is being real with yourself, and doing the things that serve you, encouraging you to be better, stronger, and happier. Not that depletes you into complete chaos, and then your nagging, and you cranky, and it's all due to people you don't even know!!!! Omg, seriously (emoji of the girl slapping her forehead).


  1. Go clean your accounts. Meow! Follow only what does good to you. Delete what doesn't. Don't feel bad; there's plenty of people in the world for everyone to have enough followers and friends.
  2. I'm not telling you to quit and leave all platforms but let's make sure they're doing well to you. Catering to your needs and supporting you the way they were once designed to do so.
  3. Allow yourself only so much time on it. Set a time, do it only during life commercial breaks.
  4. Instagram gives you this option:
  5. Settings > Your activity > Set Daily Reminder: This will send you a reminder once you've reached the time you set for yourself. 
  6. Ask yourself, why are you there? Why are you on Instagram land or Facebook land right now? Are you trying to run from something? Fill in any certain heart holes? Feeling lonely? Or really, you just want a mental break?


Ask yourself, why are you a social media visitor? You'll be surprised at your answers and how social media is most likely not fulfilling that.

Instead, if you realize it's because you're feeling lonely, call a friend, or visit a work cube neighbor. Grab some coffee and have a meaningful conversation with someone that can guide you, redirect you, uplift you. With real human beings, people! A well spends the time that will give you all that you are looking for, and better yet, one that leaves you walking away from it inspired, fulfilled, and ready to keep moving.

What a difference that is, isn't it? Instead of being by yourself in your cube, scrolling through empty promises, and then walking all moody to get more coffee, still by yourself. And if you invite your friends, then you're just spreading your bad vibes at this point.


Even just planing on this feels different already, doesn't it?


Discipline and accountability. Stop blaming your mood on others. Only you're responsible for your feelings and how you move and mold them. The way you think, the way you feel, don't give this power to people you don't know. Take your energy seriously.


xoxo, Maria



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