Simplifying Mudras

What are mudras, don't get thrown off by the word. It is a simple way to communicate with your body. Hand gestures that guide the energy flow through a specific motion or position of the fingers and the hands. Curl, cross, stretch or touch the finders and hands in a certain way and hold this position "lock the mudra" to send a message to your body and mind.

That simple, each mudra then speaks a different code for different needs. Knowledge, communication, peace, release fear; all these are subtle programs we can tell our bodies and minds we would like to activate.  

In Sanskrit, mudra means posture or seal. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers and are commonly defined as systematic hand gestures for nonverbal modes of communication and spiritual self-expression.

Mudras attract energy into your etheric body (a layer of subtle energy around you, your aura) and allow it to enter your body, your cells, your blood flow, your mind, thoughts, and feelings. Like the physical body, the etheric body has its own "nervous system," or channels, conveying prana (life force) and other energies of etheric origin. In yoga teachings, these channels are called Nadis. Every mudra clears some of these nadis from impurities and toxins.


Harmony can be applied to all aspects of our lives. By using different fingers, you can stimulate specific meridian points to affect different parts of your brain. Make sure you are using the tip of your fingers.

  • Index finger:(air) The index finger is known as Jupiter's finger and symbolizes our ego-personality. It symbolizes energies controlled by subconscious mind patterns, and these energies produce expansion. Wisdom, knowledge, prosperity
  • Middle finger: (ether/sky) The middle finger symbolizes the Saturn force, the most karmic or the most conditioned energies. This finger is utilized only in those mudras that require massive, stabilizing forces. Patience
  • Ring finger: (earth) The ring finger symbolizes the Sun's energies. These energies relate to the strength of an individual. Health, vitality strengthen the nervous system.
  • Little finger: (water) The little finger is known as the Mercury's finger. It emanates energies that are important in the unfolding of the intellect and business. When pressed at the tip, the element is increased. When pressed under the thumb, the element is neutralized. When pressed at the base of the finger, the element is decreased. Communication, intelligence
  • Thumb: (fire) The thumb is the symbol of divine energy, the energy that flows through our bodies unconditioned by our subconscious patterning or karmic complexities. The thumb is the symbol of willpower, the power that can be drawn upon by our willing (not willfulness) consciousness. 


Use these body languages to call upon what you need. To center you to bring you back to you. Connect with your body and use it to help you navigate your feelings.

This week fall asleep with a gyan mudra. 
Lightly touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger, keeping the other fingers straight but relaxed. Do this with both the right and left hand and hold for at least a few minutes. The Gyan Mudra is considered one of the most important mudras. It has been practiced in meditation for thousands of years, and continues to bring peace, calm and spiritual progress.

Known as the “mudra of knowledge”, it evokes the most expansive version of the self, so you can flow through your life lessons with ease and calm. It stimulates wisdom and knowledge. Call in this high vibrations during your dreams. 


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