What is Joy?

Joy is believing that you are not here to suffer, and everything will eventually connect.

Joy is knowing you are safe.

Joy is loving life as it is right now. As it is currently presented to you. Without expecting things to go the way, you want them to go.

When we allow life to guide us, to deviate us, to show us the path, hole heartily knowing this is the right one, you are living in joy.

It's to be relaxed for what is happening in the now.

It is to be in infinite gratitude to feel loved and know you are divine.

This has been one of my biggest lessons to learn in this lifetime. One that brought me a lot of pain and a lot of joy. It has been the most incredible wall I have hammered down. Because it is not where you are in life, what you have, or who you are, it's how much contentment you can hold in your heart exactly where you are, with what you have and the way you are.

It's knowing we are all in this together, not taking it personally, and remembering that everyone is hurt, trying to desperately survive and not sink, like you and me. This is why when you love for no reason at all (people, circumstances, places, events, or happenings), joy arises. Because when you give love, you are saying, I understand you, and I forgive you, I see you and all is going to be A-OK, and that in itself is pure joy, the most magnetic force in the world.

xoxo, Maria


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